A Family-Friendly Restaurant in Heber City, Utah

Gary and Jessica Wohlfarth are the new owner's of BACK 40 RANCH HOUSE GRILL! Combined we have 50 years experience in the service industry. We are passionate about our healthy active lifestyle and eating good food. We want to share this passion with you and your family and friends.

This is going to be "The Place" in the Valley. Full service family run restaurant with something for everyone, family friendly, "counter" seating, TV's to watch the game and to top it off, great food and drinks at modest prices. Our Chef is creating a menu that will have a wide variety of made from scratch, fresh locally sourced tasty creations.




The original structure was a ranch house that was built in the fields behind over 80 years ago. It was moved to its current location in the late 1940’s to become Heber Valleys first bar. The north half of the building was added in the mid 1980’s. The latest renovation took place in the spring, summer and fall of 2015. We filled and emptied 13 full thirty-yard dumpsters in the process. To stay true to our sustainable motives, all reusable timbers, and building materials were repurposed in the building process. In addition, all our windows, doors and light fixtures were either purchased from re-store, recycle center or private individuals. The table tops were made from solid panel doors, and the pendants lights were cut from wine bottles from the recycle center. The wainscoting in the bathrooms is made of brown paper grocery bags.


C H E C K   O U T   O U R   C U R R E N T   M E N U S